Carrot, Importance of Carrot For Health

Eaten as a vegetable crop plant roots in two years. Carrot homeland Central Europe. Wild in Europe, North Africa and Asia can be found. Rastlanmaktaysa country, too, is the property of carrot culture. Plant up to 1-1.5 m tall, little branched, split leaves. Type the flowers, which are small, whitish-colored umbrellas gathered at the event.

Carrot Carrot, Importance of Carrot For Health

Carrot is a vegetable essential for the winter months. Live, orange color with medium heat add up. It contains plenty of vitamin A as well as B, C and D, the food is rich in vitamins. Seasonal saltada, meals and some desserts.
Carrot, the food is very beneficial for our health. Perhaps we can not count the benefits. “The benefits of carrot” is mentioned, the first thought is of course to increase the power of vision, and his eyes tuttuğudur vigorous. At the same time, fresh-squeezed carrot juice is also known to reduce blood production contributed and forgetfulness. Fresh carrot juice drink is also supported by physicians. All these good reasons, Rage consumed more than carrots. Otherwise, a number of liver disease can occur and the skin.

Benefits of Carrot for Health
Experts, carrot rapid blood-forming, strengthening, diarrhea relief, relieving constipation, stomach, and intestine, close friend, eluent bile, the liver is a vegetable underscored the amplifier.
Experts in anemia, morning, lunch, dinner, freshly squeezed 1 cup carrot juice drinking, chewing the defeat of the water can not be removed and thoroughly recommend a thin grating.
Carrot juice in the stomach and intestinal bleeding that it is useful to express the experts, carrot, private sugar, vitamins and plenty of vitamin A and fortifies the liver, self-repair facilities that, in the body urea acid, urate salts, like fatigue, agents and other poisons in the urine goes out stresses.
Carrot 5 times a week when it is eaten their heart infarction, stroke, reducing the risk by 68 percent.
Beta-carotene also brought his eyes to see the weakness of old age Havuçtaki protects and strengthens the immune system. Carrot removes wrinkles in the face and neck, urinary and intestinal gas söktürdüğü, to be effective against cancer, strengthens the immune system and prevents the skin from drying said.

Benefits of Carrot for Health Carrot, Importance of Carrot For Health
Summary of the benefits of carrot:

1) Always keeps the eyes refreshed and increases the power of vision
2) Freshly squeezed juice helps the blood
3) Prevents diarrhea in children
4) Makes it easy to run the intestines to digest
5) Intestinal and stomach inflammation resolves
6) Increases sexual desire
7) Breast milk increased
8) Prevents heartburn
9) Useful against heart disease


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